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Advantages of wire cutting machine tools

Advantages of wire cutting machine tools

From the beginning of this century, many domestic appliance processing machine tool manufacturers have realized multiple cutting processes on high-speed wire-cut EDM machine tools through the transformation of high-speed wire-cut EDM machine tools. This type of machine tool is called "Mid-Way EDM". wire".

   "Medium wire machine" not only means that the wire speed is between the high speed and the vulgar, and the processing quality is also between the high speed wire machine and the low speed wire machine.

Therefore, it can be said that the medium wire-feeding machine mentioned by the user actually refers to those reciprocating wire-feeding wire EDM machines that can achieve streak-free cutting and multiple cutting. Multi-cutting technology can significantly improve the processing quality of high-speed smuggling machines, solve the effect of material deformation during cutting, improve processing accuracy, obtain lower surface roughness, and eliminate round-trip cutting stripes, but the cutting process indicators, especially the cutting surface roughness However, the value is greatly reduced. ZTE CNC machine tools (specializing in the production and sales of CNC wire cutting machine equipment products, including: medium wire, medium wire wire cutting, wire cutting machine tools, punching machines, wire cutting machine accessories, etc.. The company has strong technical force, advanced equipment, and complete testing methods. .



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